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Part 1: Scientific Journals, Series (~10 seconds preparation, ~13 MB)
Excerpt of downloadable file
Changes May 2022: Removes itar_id. New field Series indicate if journal is a series. Publishing agreements is now specified as 'A' (now includes institutional agreements). Other cosmetic column title changes. Previous format for scientific Journals, Series is still available for a period
Part 2: Scientific Publishers (~5 seconds preparation, ~0,7 MB)
Excerpt of downloadable file
Changes May 2022: Removes itar_id. Cosmetic changes for field names. Previous format for scientific publishers is still available for a period

Tips - including how to fix characters

Each part can be opened by a spreadsheet program, like Calc or Excel.

Excel can read CSV files but can also give incorrect character encoding for journal titles. This can be overcome by importing CSV file using the data import feature. Here are the steps you need to do: 1. Right-click the link to save the file, 2. Start spreadsheet program, 3. Import file data as text using the following helper settings: a. Select 'data with separator', b. Select charset 'Unicode (UTF-8)' (one of the last entries in the long list!), c. Check for 'my data has titles', d. Use 'semicolon' separator, and lastly, e. Specify 'text' as format for both title columns.

Saving in native spreadsheet format enables you to add formatting and data filter, freeze top row and adjust column widths as desired.


The levels to certain publication channels in the Norwegian Register become implemented or adjusted in stepwise updates throughout the year. Other information is updated continuously. The list available for download encompasses the latest revision of the register.

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