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Application procedures

Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills adds new publication channels (journals, series and publishers) to the Norwegian Register for Scientific Journals, Series and Publishers, based on suggestions from scholars and others in the research community.


Suggestions to new scientific publication channels (level 1) should be submitted to The Directorate through the submission form.

We collect information about the submissions from The International ISSN Register, websites, library systems and sometimes by direct contact with editors. Based on available information, The Directorate makes a recommendation for each submission. The Directorate presents the recommendations for the National Board of Scholarly Publishing. The latter has the final approval authority of publication channels that shall count in the Norwegian financial system. The National Board of Scholarly Publishing disapprove or approves the recommendations from the Directorate.

The nomination for level 2 is carried out by the National Board of Scholarly Publishing and the strategic academic units (scientific panels) in a separate process. The list is scrutinized yearly. See About the register and NPI for more information about level 2.

Who can submit

Submission of new publication channels (level 1) cannot come from commercial publishers/the publisher itself, but may only come from:

Note that the submitter must be a person, not the journal/series/publisher or an organization.

If you do not fit one of the categories above, you may consider submitting to ERIH PLUS if the publication channel fits the scope and criteria of ERIH PLUS.

The submission form

To suggest a publication channel, go to Submit publication channel. You must create a user/log in to be able to submit.

In the submission form, you must register the following information:

You may write a comment for why it should be level 1.

In the submission form, you must document that the criteria for level 1 are fulfilled, by uploading a PDF with descriptions or provide a URL with descriptions of the following:

You as submitter are responsible for providing adequate information. If the information provided is insufficient, we will not approve the submission. You can follow the status of your submission from “My page”.

30. November – the final deadline for the current year

To be able to prepare the reporting of scientific publication, you must register new submissions by the final deadline, 30. November. We will not consider publication channels submitted after this date in regards of publication points for the current publication year.

Final status for the register is settled in January.

For more information, see:

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Phone: (+47) 55 30 38 00

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