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The Norwegian Funding System of Science and Research

Scientific publication forms a part of the funding of universities and university colleges in Norway. In Norwegian the system is often referred to as “tellekantsystemet”.

The funding system for universities and university colleges

The funding of universities and university colleges consist of a basic allocation and a result-based allocation. Documentation of academic publication is part of the result-based allocation. Institutions will each year receive a surge from the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research through the result-based allocation of funds, based on how much the institutions have published. To measure the range and the quality in scientific publication, the system is based on publication points.

The principle for the system was originally analysed in the report "A bibliometric Model for Performance-based Budgeting of Research Institutions"(2004)

How to receive publication points

When scholars state their institutional affiliations in scientific publications, the affiliated institution can be credited with publication points. Which institutions that receives publication points are stated in the document "Orientering om statsbudsjett for universitet og høyskoler" (only available in Norwegian).

To receive publication points, the publication must fulfil some demands according to the definition of academic publication in "the Reporting instructions (NVI)." See "criteria for inclusion of scientific publication channels" for more information about the demands.

Reporting of scientific publication

"Cristin" (Current Research Information System in Norway) is the system used by the University and College Sector, the Institute Sector, and the Health Authorities to report scientific publications. The results from the University and College Sector is reported further to The Directorate for Higher Education and Skills. The Directorate calculates publication points for the latter in cooperation with Cristin. (During 2023 Cristin will be replaced by “Nasjonalt vitenskapsarkiv (NVA)). Statistics on scientific publication is published in "Database for statistikk om høyere utdanning (DBH)" (only available in Norwegian.

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