Published 2021-04-21

ERIH PLUS (originally called the European Reference Index for the Humanities or ERIH) is an index holding bibliographic information on academic journals in the Social Sciences and Humanities (HSS). The aim of the index is to increase visibility, searchability and availability of the HSS.

ERIH PLUS is an online service, and it grants updated data on European journals. The main target group of the index are researchers and research within a European framework. To the extend which the index holds journals from other parts of the world, it is because they are assumed to add value to the ERIH PLUS main target group and scope.

ERIH PLUS for increased visibility and quality

ERIH PLUS is a key journal index within the HSS field, widely used by the European academic community. We want to be a key player in the European work that is done to make HSS research available to the wider community, and we want to do this by providing an index which not only supply metadata about journals, but also place the HSS research in a wider academic context.

By cooperations and memberships with other actors within academic publication we aim to raise the use of the ERIH PLUS data. One example of a successful cooperation is the development of ERIH PLUS by Dimensions where metadata from ERIH PLUS, and the functionality and extensive data sources of Dimensions has been brought together so that users now can explore the content of ERIH PLUS in detail. About 10 million articles are at the present available through the ERIH PLUS by Dimensions search.

To be able to lift the index increasingly, and fight predatory publishing, the ERIH PLUS team is involved in different key-organisations. We are member of COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) and DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals), where we did hold a place in the Advisory Group from 2019 to 2021. These memberships will enable us to take part in the discussions going on in the field of academic publishing and scientific dissemination, and to raise the awareness of the HSS field. We wish to contribute to a more ethical scientific publishing within the HSS field. An increased focus on ethical standard is imminent to contribute to the coordinated work against weak scholarly venues.

Our most recent cooperative partner is ReviewerCredits an independent platform born to Register, Certify and Reward the activity of Peer Reviewers. We are highlighting journals in ERIH PLUS that are also found on the ReviewerCredits plattform. We hope this is yet another tool to ensure the quality of our journals.

We aim to be transparent, open and involved.


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