ERIH PLUS is an academic journal index for the HSS (Humanities and Social Sciences) society in Europe. We provide article search facilitated by Dimensions which allow exploration the 10 000 ERIH PLUS journals in detail. We also mark the individual journals thoroughly with key information about for instance open access status and plan S compliance. All are invited to submit journals to be indexed in ERIH PLUS.

"ERIH PLUS are strongly condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which is also an act against international law. To support Ukraine, we urge Russian scientists to take the actions necessary to stop this war of aggression against a peaceful country.

Even though this is a difficult situation, The Advisory Group of ERIH PLUS has also advised not to take down Russian Journals or in any other way restrict Russian access to the index. The group have chosen so because a free, critical, and open-minded science should not follow the logic of war but should promote the free exchange of scientific positions.

If the ERIH PLUS becomes aware of journals that have taken an official position in support of Putin's policy regarding the invasion of Ukraine, The Advisory Group can recommend removal these journals from the ERIH PLUS list"

Published 2022-04-05

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New email address

2021-09-02: Our new email address is erihplus@hkdir.no

ERIH PLUS is now a service under the Directorate for Higher Education and Skills

2021-07-01: The Directorate for Higher Education and Skills was established on 1 July 2021, under the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. The directorate is a result of the merger of the Norwegian Agency for International Cooperation and Quality Enhancement in Higher Education (Diku), Skills Norway, and Universell, as well as parts of Unit and the Norwegian Centre for Research Data (NSD). The directorate will also be taking over selected tasks for the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NOKUT).

The directorate is the executive agency for the Ministry of Education and Research within the higher education and higher vocational education sectors, and is responsible for the national skills policy. We advise the Ministry, we implement national policies, and we coordinate incentive schemes and management instruments.

The moving of ERIH PLUS to the directorate will have no effect on the ERIH PLUS services

Plan S compliant and Open Access journals

2021-03-11: In ERIH PLUS we have done it easy for you to check if the journal is Plan S compliant. We have done so by adding the Journal Checker Tool to the information page of the journal. The tool will provide you with key information which you need to establish whether the journal is compliant with the Plan S criteria.

You can read more about cOAlition S, who developed the tool and Plan S.

We are also facilitating information in the index about open access. This is done by checking the journal directly to the DOAJ (directory of open access journals) register and the Sherpa Romeo database.

Insightful statistics

2021-02-16: We are pleased to announce the new statistical tool for ERIH PLUS. The tool, which you find just above the search area will give you both journal statistics, and account statistics.

Examples of information you can find by using the tool are:

The statistics are for now not giving information on daily visits to the list, only on the amount of accounts created yearly or in total.

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