"ERIH PLUS are strongly condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which is also an act against international law. To support Ukraine, we urge Russian scientists to take the actions necessary to stop this war of aggression against a peaceful country.

Even though this is a difficult situation, The Advisory Group of ERIH PLUS has also advised not to take down Russian Journals or in any other way restrict Russian access to the index. The group have chosen so because a free, critical, and open-minded science should not follow the logic of war but should promote the free exchange of scientific positions.

If the ERIH PLUS becomes aware of journals that have taken an official position in support of Putin's policy regarding the invasion of Ukraine, The Advisory Group can recommend removal these journals from the ERIH PLUS list"

Published 2022-04-05

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10151. Croatian Journal of Philosophy
p-ISSN: 1333-1108  e-ISSN: 1847-6139 
Country of publication: Croatia   Language: English 
Disciplines: History & Philosophy of Science, Linguistics, Philosophy
10152. Educação Química en Punto de Vista
e-ISSN: 2527-0915 
Country of publication: Brazil   Language: Portuguese 
Open Access: DOAJ
Disciplines: Interdisciplinary research in the Humanities, Pedagogical & Educational Research, Science and Technology Studies
10153. Informacijos mokslai(Ceased 2021, has successor)
p-ISSN: 1392-0561  e-ISSN: 1392-1487 
Country of publication: Lithuania   Language: Lithuanian 
Open Access: DOAJ
Disciplines: Library and Information Science, Media Studies and Communication
10154. Wieki Stare i Nowe
p-ISSN: 1899-1556  e-ISSN: 2353-9739 
Country of publication: Poland   Language: Polish 
Discipline: History
10155. Formação Docente - Revista Brasileira de Pesquisa sobre Formação de Professores
e-ISSN: 2176-4360 
Country of publication: Brazil   Language: Multiple languages 
Open Access: DOAJ
Discipline: Pedagogical & Educational Research
10156. Rivista di storia economica
p-ISSN: 0393-3415  e-ISSN: 2612-1026 
Country of publication: Italy   Language: Multiple languages 
Disciplines: Economics, History
10157. Business Excellence and Management
e-ISSN: 2668-9219 
Country of publication: Romania   Language: English 
Open Access: DOAJ
Disciplines: Business and Management, Economics
10158. The Owl of Minerva: The Journal of the Hegel Society of America
p-ISSN: 0030-7580  e-ISSN: 2153-3385 
Country of publication: United States   Language: English 
Discipline: Philosophy
p-ISSN: 2532-3105  e-ISSN: 2532-5256 
Country of publication: Italy   Language: Italian 
Disciplines: Art and Art History, Classical Studies, Cultural Studies, Linguistics, Literature
10160. Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts
p-ISSN: 1931-3896  e-ISSN: 1931-390X 
Country of publication: United States   Language: English 
Disciplines: Art and Art History, Psychology

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